Available Woodcut Prints by Randy Rackliff

Latest Works      

Below are the first five of a projected ten new pieces. These works have been commissioned by a supplier of equipment to the Special Operations Forces of the U. S. Military for use in marketing and packaging of their gear. They were looking for extreme images not typically associated with the military but which would appeal to the hardest of the hardcore. The themes are mythological although specific stories are not always being referenced.

All works were printed by the artist on heavyweight Rives BFK acid-free white paper.

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"Labor"   2009                
   size 13" x 15.5"


edition size 40      Price $150.00       



"Minotaur"   2009                
   size 13" x 16"


edition size 40      Price $150.00       



"Ares"   2009                
   size 13"x 16.5"

God of War

edition size 40      Price $150.00       



"Two Hammers "   2009                
   size 13.5"x 15"


edition size 40      Price $150.00       


"Atlas" 2010                
   size 14"x 16.5"


edition size 40      Price $150.00 

Older Works  
Below are some of my older pieces that are still available.  

"Bivouac"   2003                
   size 17" x 23"

One of several pieces cut in 1991 that are finally getting printed for the first time. Appeared as the frontspiece illustration in Greg Child's "Postcards from the Ledge" and as a feature article illustration in a recent issue of Rock and Ice magazine.

edition size 100   Price $300. SOLD OUT



"Hammer"  2003           
16" x 23"

Originally cut in 1991, this piece hasn't been seen much although it's one of my personal favorites. It was featured in a 2005 article in Rock and Ice magazine on climbing artists.

edition size 75           Price $250.00 SOLD OUT

  "Chained" 1991  11"x 13"

This very popular piece was hand printed in 1991 and sold out quickly. I still have a very few "artist's proof" copies that I am willing to sell. An artist proof is a print outside of the regular numbered edition made for the artist's personal collection (or to do with as he sees fit).

edition size 50           
Price 400.00 SOLD OUT- all copies of this piece are now sold out

"Hillary Step"    2003           
    11" x 15"

Originally cut in 1997, this piece appeared as one of the interior illustrations in Jon Krakauer's bestselling book "Into Thin Air"


edition size 40         Price $250.00  


to order prints
Ordering a woodcut print is the same as ordering a pack. Just call at the number below between 9am and 9pm EST most days. We can accept Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. A check is also fine.

You may also e-mail your info if that is more convenient. We need a credit card number, expiration date, 3-digit security code, and the zip code for card's billing address to process the order. We usually ship by US Priority Mail.

We will ship your print flat in a plastic sleeve with foamboard backing. Shipping domestically is usually about $10.00 extra unless you order more than one print then it's free.



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